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May 2018

Dear Family, Friends and all who Support us faithfully, 

A new season has started, we are now in the wet season. We have a refreshing shower of rain most  afternoon’s which sometimes persists into the night. The wet season started soon after the Thai New Year (Songkran festival), in middle of April. The city we live in looks very beautiful at that time of year with trees that have the most beautiful yellow flowers lining the major roads. Yellow is the colour of the late king of Thailand and the trees are also a reminder of this kingdom.

Beautiful  flowers in Khon Kaen

During Songkran we worshipped with the church in Khon Kaen. At every celebration and meeting during the Sonkran season the younger people bless the older ones with water. We took part in this tradition with the church.

                        Blessing ceremony at the church

We also have a new season in our work in the villages. We started a new group that meets regularly to worship Jesus in the same village where we have church on Sundays. Most people who come to church are fairly elderly, while this group includes younger people. Some of you may remember the man with a very extensive skin disease. His skin is almost back to normal. He gives thanks to God for healing him and helping him with his life. He is now attending the meetings worshipping Jesus. The lady whom Jesus healed by giving back her sight after blindness and her family also come to the new group. We thank our God for His mighty work and trust in Him to continue to build His Kingdom in Thailand.

                       The new group in the village

Dianne is looking at running another ‘Flourish’ course together with a couple of the ladies she trained previously. This will be a course in Thai language for Thai ladies. All the teaching materials are now translated into Thai language and will be well used.  We have more of our neighbours dropping in unannounced as we can communicate better and Dianne is helping one of the neighbours to improve her English with weekly lessons. One elderly man popped in to chat and dropped off some mangoes – the way to Wolfgang’s heart.

“The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the Gospel.” (Mark 1:15)

Praise and Prayer points:

  • We give thanks to Jesus for touching people’s lives and drawing them to Him. We praise Him for new seasons.
  • Pray for the new group in the village, that they will grow in their new faith and bring others to Jesus
  • Please pray for the ‘Flourish’ course, that ladies will come together and experience the life transforming power of our God.

We thank you all for your prayers and support and wish all the mums out there a very Happy Mother’s Day for the 13thMay. Richest Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne





March 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Happy Easter! We pray that you and your family have a wonderful Easter, hopefully getting to spend some  time with  your family and friends. Our Lord made the sacrifice once and for all for all mankind to be made right with God again so let us remember and celebrate what He has done for us.

Earlier in the year, Wolfgang was quite unwell with influenza B but thankfully, after treatment at the local private hospital, he recovered quickly. Thank God for complete healing of the flu. Dianne hosted another ‘Flourish’ leadership course in January, together with another missionary, for some other missionaries. One of the ladies is already running her ‘Flourish’ course in another part of Isan. It is exciting to see this life skills program for women expanding in Thailand.

Last month we went back to Australia for a few weeks to meet our new precious granddaughter Hana. She is the beautiful daughter of our daughter Rebekah and son-in-law Adish.  Hana is such a good baby and is doing really well. While back home we also caught up with Naomi and Ben and their three children and with Aaron and Fiona and their three children. We are so blessed with our family and we thank God for each and everyone in our family.  We strongly believe that children are a blessing from the Lord.


At COC conference in Chiang Mai

Earlier this month we attended the Christian Outreach Centre’s conference Chiang Mai. We get our visa and work  permit (permission to work in Thailand from the Thai government) through this organisation. It was a time of refreshing and re-thinking of our vision for our work here. The   theme of the conference was ‘vision’ and its application for our ministry.


Third oldest church in Thailand

While we were in Chiang Mai, we were also privileged to visit the third oldest church in Thailand. It is in a small village near Chiang Mai and was  established nearly 130 years ago and is still going strong.   We visited Dr Herb and  Warunee Swanson, who are a fountain of knowledge and tales of Thailand having lived in Thailand for a very long time.


Preparations for Palm Sunday service in the village

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday  – we held church in the village  and spoke about Jesus and his entry into Jerusalem on a donkey before His upcoming trial and execution. We made small crosses out of palm leaves as a reminder for that day.

This Easter we will be showing the movie ‘Risen’ in the AOG church in Khon Kaen and in the village where we do church. “Risen” is the Easter story from the perspective of the Roman soldiers and how they encountered Jesus. Please pray that this film will help to open doors for the gospel.

“But God set Him free from death and raised Him to life. Death could not hold Him in its power.” (Acts 2:24 CEV)

Prayer and Praise points:

  • We thank Jesus for giving us health
  • Please pray for younger people in the village to bring the Gospel message to their peers
  • Please pray for a suitable Co-worker
  • Pray for the Thai Church to bring the Easter message to Thailand

Thanks for your prayers and support. Richest blessings Wolfgang and Dianne

December 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We wish you a joyful Christmas and many blessings for the New Year! We hope that you will have a special time with family and friends. Let us celebrate the many things that our Lord Jesus has already done and let us look forward to even better things yet to come. We thank you for all your support!

Christmas Celebration in the AOG Church Khon Kaen

We had a good time preparing for Christmas and celebrating the birth of our Saviour this month. We give thanks to our Lord for the many healing and miracles we have seen this year. We also give thanks for the floods that receded with the advent of the dry season. Some farmers have water available now to grow more rice and vegetables in the coming months. Our aquaponic system is doing well after a couple of initial problems and will supply vegetables soon. A heart-felt thank-you to a special lady for the donation towards the aquaponic setup.

Christmas meal at the Khon Kaen AOG

We celebrated Christmas earlier in December in the church in Khon Kaen. There were fun activities and a delicious meal with barbecued piglets. There were many presents for everyone and fun times with the singing of Isan songs. We will have another Christmas service this Sunday for the church in Khon Kaen and the surrounding community when Wolfgang will bring the Christmas message.

Presents for the village

Last Sunday we celebrated Christmas in a village. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the presents. We had a meal together and showed a movie afterwards. It was quite exciting to see a few new people at the Christmas celebration who do not normally come to the meetings. We will follow them up, tell them more about our Lord and Saviour and what an impact He has had in our lives.

Showing a movie at the Christmas celebration

As the New Year will begin soon, we have been praying for more direction from our Lord and in particular for the village church we assist with every Sunday. We pray that younger people will come to faith in Jesus and start to disciple others. Only through making disciples that disciple others will the salvation message of hope and grace spread through the villages in Isan, through the power of His Holy Spirit.

Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest (Matthew 9:38)

Praise and Prayer points

     – We thank Jesus for better health we see in the village church

  • Please continue to pray for the man with the skin disease
  • Pray for even greater things to happen next year
  • Pray for our next visa, which is due again
  • Pray for Khon Kaen farmers to get a good crop in the dry season

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Wolfgang and Dianne!

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. We could not do this work without you.

November 2017

Flooded Rice fields in Khon Kaen at harvest time

Hi Everyone, we have had interesting times these last few weeks. In October the Royal Palace in Bangkok hosted the biggest ever cremation ceremony for Thailand’s most loved King Rama 9 who passed away one year earlier. In honour of their King, all businesses and shops, apart from essential services, closed in Thailand on that day.


Camping on high ground as house is under water

This year Thailand has had a long rainy season with extremely heavy rains towards the end of the season. There is flooding over much of  Thailand and Khon Kaen is unfortunately affected as well. Houses and farmland is inundated around the area of the AOG Church in Khon Kaen. A number of church members have lost all their rice crops and vegetables. In some areas the floodwater is over 2 meters deep. Last week one of the ladies from church almost drowned when her boat capsized on the water. She cannot swim, but somehow managed to get to the boat and hang on. We thank Jesus for His saving hand on her life.

To help we have set up another aquaponic system near the church, with the help of a  couple of the young men from church, to grow vegetables. This system is bigger than the last one and grows 513 plants plus 300 fish. The fish is mainly used for fertiliser purposes in the aquaponic setup as fish is available in abundance in the flood waters. Fish is the only food many people are eating at the moment.

The new aquaponic system

Our work in the villages continues. A lady in one village experienced sudden blindness. She was very upset. We prayed for her and she started to see again and came to the next meeting much happier and more cheerful. She has still some residual vision impairment and we continue to pray for complete healing of her sight. We thank Jesus for his miraculous healing so far. This lady is experiencing the healing power of our Lord.

We were blessed by the visit of Ps. Robin Johnson from Victoria, who spent 6 days with us. It was encouraging for us to have him visit and pray with us for people in the villages.  Yesterday  I visited one village where we went with Ps Robin and everyone was in good health and spirits again. God is so good.

Wolfgang has been able to find more Christian movies in Thai language to show in the villages. People love Christian movies. It is a real fun event to go to a village and see people enjoy these movies. One of the new movies is “Risen” a film some of you may know, about the resurrection of Jesus. It is exciting that most times I go to a village I meet new people, people who have just come to know Jesus. It is challenging, yet most important to train disciples in Isan, as the Isan people themselves are the  best ones that can bring their peers to Jesus.

‘Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the father and of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ (Matthew 28:19)

Praise and Prayer Points:

Firstly we give praise to Jesus for another healthy grandchild. Our daughter and son in law, Rebekah and Adish had a baby daughter named ‘Hana’ last weekend. We cannot wait to meet her in person.

-Pray for the many people who are flooded out and have lost their crops. Please pray for comfort and financial help

-Pray for the new aquaponic system, that it will grow vegetables quickly to give flood affected people other foods besides fish.

-Pray for Mae Dtawao for perfect eyesight as our God is able to heal her

 -Continue to pray that Jesus will heal the man in the village who has an extensive skin disease

-Pray for our health as we both still have colds

We thank you all for your prayers and support. We could not do this work on our own.

Richest Blessings to you all from Wolfgang and Dianne









September 2017

Splitting bamboo into narrow stripes to make chicken coops


Hi Everyone, we pray you are all well. We had a busy, but exciting time in Isan after being encouraged at our annual Pan Asia missions conference in Phuket. We now go regularly to Isan villages to bring a message of hope. We talk about Jesus and pray for people’s needs. We started going out with two indigenous men who have strong faith in Jesus and recently other Isan believers have joined us. It does not happen often here that believers from within the church go out and share their faith with others in their own area. It is a journey from knowing Jesus to actually bringing the message to others. Jesus taught us how to train disciples and we learn from His model.

Finished chicken coop mainly used for roosters. They also make fence panels and baskets

We are  inspired to see churches grow. In one area we have a lady wanting to step up to start a new house group. As a group of Isan women bring the good news to their people and pray for them, new people are coming to faith and want to worship Jesus in their home. I show movies in various house churches and see more people attend the meetings every time I go. We see enormous growth in the AOG church in Khon Kaen as well. The church split over 6 months ago and both groups are now growing. The original church was left with only about 15 people and has now over 30 people attending with much of the growth being new believers. This church has no pastor at the moment, but excellent leadership through the elders. I preach in that church once a month and the other Sundays I tell stories in the village church.

Sunday service AOG Khon Kaen

We continue to see miracles. One lady was very sick for about 4 weeks and could not eat normal meals and she did not sleep well. She lost a lot of weight, yet continued to trust Jesus. She withstood family pressure to see the local healer. We offered to take her to hospital for a check up, but she declined. Yet the same week she was miraculously healed and now can eat meals normally. Many of her relatives came to the next meeting and worshipped Jesus.

This is a spirit house where people offer gifts to the guardian spirit daily. The spirit house is a very important part of the Thai belief system. It is usually built before the main dwelling is erected.

The translation of the ‘Flourish’ material into Thai is almost completed. It is being prove-read at the moment. Dianne is planning to start another Flourish course with some younger ladies soon. This program is an amazing tool to transform the lives of many women. Isan women are very excited to learn about inner beauty as beauty is generally seen as something on the outside, e.g. white skin, western looking noses etc.  rather than what’s inside a person.

Some of you may know that Dianne and I milked cows some years ago and Wolfgang likes to drink fresh cows milk. A new business started in Khon Kaen delivering fresh cows milk in 3 litre bags. We had our first bag delivered yesterday. How great is that of all the places in the world to live in a town where we have fresh milk fresh from the cow delivered to our house! God is good!

These words of Jesus often cross our mind:

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38, NKJV.)

Prayer Points

  • Pray for a man in a village who has extensive excema over most of his body and knowledge to know how to help him.
  • Pray for a good rice crop in Isan despite recent wide spread flooding
  • Pray for open hearts, minds and souls of the people we talk to in the villages
  • Pray for continuing good health for us
  • Pray for the AOG church in Khon Kaen to continue to grow and find a suitable pastor

We thank you for your continuing support with prayer and finance. We cannot do this work here without your valuable support, encouragement and prayers. Bless you, Wolfgang and Dianne






July 2017

Hi Everyone,

Now we are back serving Jesus in Isan. It was great to catch up with most of you while we were back in Australia on home leave. We thank you for your hospitality and encouragement during our time there. We enjoyed worshipping with many of you and loved seeing many churches doing well and growing. We also thank our many individual supporters. Only because many of you pull together and support us, can we bring hope and the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ to the Isan people.


Communion in a village

Since we returned to Thailand, we worship Jesus every Sunday in a village. We love going there and doing ‘church’ in a typical rural Thai dwelling. We started having communion every Sunday. Jesus is in the centre of every meeting. We hear testimonies of the presence of Jesus and especially, testimonies of  healing. Each Sunday, Wolfgang is telling a bible story, which applies to everyone’s life. We have started sharing ten teachings of Jesus. We started with the first command: repent and have faith in Jesus. We explained repentance from the story of the lost (prodigal) son. It still takes a lot of time to prepare for the meetings, although Wolfgang’s Thai is improving. Becoming more fluent in Isan language has also helped with communication. Also, Wolfgang goes to the village during the week to pray for sick people and talk with others about the hope that can be found in God.

Visiting friends in a village

We also visited another village where we set up an aquaponic system. The first vegetable crop has been harvested and the fish are well and truly big enough to eat. A second lot of small fish have been purchased to grow out to maturity. God is blessing the people there with vegetables and now, plenty of fish. We also prayed for an elderly man who has problems walking. He is slowly improving, yet we are praying for complete health and restoration of his ability to walk normally once again. His name is Por J.


Keeping a calf off the dinner table

In the other villages where we attend meetings, we see Jesus rewarding the people’s faithfulness in different ways. The father of one of the ladies who attends the group was taken to hospital and needed to be resuscitated. He was very sick until a few people went to pray for him. He says that the darkness before his eyes turned to light and his health immediately improved. He was discharged from hospital to back home. He has since given his heart to Jesus and got baptised.

Next week we will attend our yearly Australian Christian Churches International Pan Asia mission conference in Phuket. We are looking forward to sharing about what Jesus is doing in Isan with other missionaries and pastors from Australia. Many missionaries from all over the world attend Pan Asia and it is always so exciting hearing about what God is doing in their lives.

This bible verse is one of our favourites, reminding us how to do ‘church’ –

So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” (Acts 2:46, 47)

Praise and Prayer Points: 

  • We praise God for our work permit. We received a two year work permit which is a blessing. Normally you have to apply every 12 months.
  • We thank God for improved health of Por Dtom’s daughter
  • We thank God for continuing good health
  • Please pray for restoration of complete health for Por Jon
  • Please pray for open hearts, minds and souls to receive the Good News
  • Please continue to pray for a suitable Isan or Lao person to work with us


We thank you all for your prayers and support to serve Jesus here in Isan. Richest Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne


April 2017

Hi everyone,

Prayer for the ladies at church

We wish you all a happy Easter and pray that this post finds you all well, looking forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. This is the most important time on our church calendar. Thailand will be celebrating Thai New Year for the rest of this week. The Thai New Year is known as ‘Songkran’ or the Thai water festival. Jesus is generally not known in Thailand and unfortunately,  many Christians do not know about Easter. The good news is that they know that Jesus is alive.

Jesus said in Matthew 22:32

I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is   not the God of the dead, but of the living.” (NKJV)

We had an awesome couple, Steve and Andrea from Deniliquin visit us. We enjoyed their two day stay with us and we could give them a brief glimpse of what Jesus is doing in Isan.

Three and a half weeks from planting the seed

Village Meetings

The last few weeks have been very interesting. Wolfgang has been telling the stories of Joseph and Moses in a village. With Easter approaching, Wolfgang has lately talked about Passover and the last supper of our Lord Jesus. Following that we had a Holy Communion Celebration. Everyone enjoyed this. Isan people like celebrations and as Christians, we really do not do enough celebrations for their liking. This is something else to think about for the future.

We also met another local lady and her husband at the village meeting. She is very sick with cancer and does not know Jesus yet, but she came for prayer. We prayed for her and trust that Jesus will heal her and give her a new and healthy life with Him.

The other villages we are going to regularly are doing well. Wolfgang showed some movies in the last few weeks at some meetings. One movie, paraphrased according to the story of the lost son in Isan language, is always well liked. The other movie gives a good Christian message to people in villages. It is based on real life situations. This movie is in Northern Thai language which can be understood by Isan people. We also have the movie ‘War room’ in Thai language which is always well liked.

The aquaponic system we helped set up in a village is working incredibly well. The fish as well as the vegetables are growing so fast. Everyone in that family is very excited about this so far. We are planning to show a movie in that village in the nearer future as well. It will be a great opportunity to bring the whole family together and bring a message of hope.

                   These fish were tiny when we picked them up in Khon Kaen


Dianne has been very busy with a couple of ‘Flourish’ courses. The last course finished on Saturday, after a three day intensive including ‘Train the Trainer’ session. All the ladies are learning so much, who they are in Jesus and the plans He has for them. This is such an important tool to transform the lives of so many women. The last ‘Flourish’ course was led by the ladies from ‘Namphu’ Fountain ministries in Khon Kaen, with Dianne assisting them. This was their first course after successfully finishing their Flourish training a few months earlier. They did a wonderful job.

           These ladies completed the nine week ‘Flourish’ course successfully.

At the end of this month we travel to our National ACC Conference. We will spend two months in Australia and hope to catch up with many of you. We are looking forward to sharing what our God is doing in Isan.

We thank you for all your prayers and support and ask you to praise Him for all He is doing and pray for things He will yet do. Bless you all

Praise and Prayer Points

  • We thank Jesus for his help with the growth of the fish and vegetables in that village
  • We thank Him for keeping us healthy and walking with us every step
  • Please pray for open hearts, mind and souls in the villages we go to
  • Please pray that Jesus will heal the lady with cancer (Por Dtom’s daughter)
  • Please pray for the People of Thailand during this Songkran season as many die on the roads
  • Please continue to pray for the‘Flourish’ program and the ongoing translation work
  •  Please continue to pray for a suitable Isan or Laos person to work with us

March 2017

Hi everyone,
We pray all is going well with you and your family. We have had a busy few weeks. The colder weather at this time of the year has been a welcome relief for us.

We continue our work in the villages. In one village we have just finished telling the story from the book of Genesis and showed a movie about Creation and other stories in Isan language. We are encouraging people to tell stories to others in their village, including their family, friends and their grand children. There has been a good response to this storytelling.

Putting seed into foam to germinate

We have new neighbours in our street, a Thai lady and a German man who moved in a few months ago. Through this couple, we have started working together in the village of the mother-in-law and have met quite a few new people. While we are building connections in the village, we are setting up an aquaponic system in order to trial this method of growing food and maybe supplementing the family’s income. An aquaponic system is like an hydroponic system but instead of relying on the addition of complete chemical fertiliser, we use fish to supplement the fertiliser for the plants. This system should grow fish as well as vegetables.It will be very interesting to see if this set up proves beneficial and profitable for people in the villages to grow food and make a small profit. We were so blessed to be able to purchase a complete aquaponic setup second hand from another Christian organisation.

Just needs some finishing off, plants and fish


Wolfgang started on the preaching roster at the church in an Assembly of God, Khon Kaen. A young university student translated for him. It was her first attempt in interpreting and she did an awesome job. It will be good to see her develop her gifting in this way. It is difficult to find people who can interpret well. The same day we had an outreach event at church. Many people of the community come for lunch. There was gift giving and other fun activities, the most popular being a Christian band from YWAM (youth with a mission) playing local folk music (morlam). It didn’t take long for some of the ladies to get up and dance in their beautiful Isan style of dance.

Playing Morlam Music at a church outreach

The Flourish program is on its way again with one course running at the moment for Thai staff at a local institution and a few more courses are planned for later in the year. The Flourish course has been such a blessing as a tool to form relationships with others in the community of Khon Kaen. It is great to see young women ‘bloom’ as they realise their value and worth as women.

Psalm 10:17,18
“Lord you have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear,
To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may oppress no more.” (NKJV)

Praise and Prayer points

-We Praise God for the ‘Flourish’ program’ and all He puts in place

-We praise God for the supply of the aquaponic system

-We praise Him for the funding received for the translation of Flourish material
-Please continue to pray for the ongoing translation work
-Please continue to pray for God leading us in His work
-Please pray for ongoing relationships in the new village
-Please continue to pray for a suitable Isan or Laos person to work with us



January 2017


Children having fun in the village

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

The beginning of the year is a time to reflect on what is past and to look forward to what the new year may bring. This past year for us has been one of ups and downs in Thailand. We have seen God move in some amazing ways – we have seen His provision time and time again in both the small things and the big things. We have witnessed healings from sickness, heard about dreams/visions involving us and have the deep assurance that God is with us. We were able to purchase a car thanks to the generous donations of our supporting network. The car has been used greatly to transport people to village meetings, take others to church and general ministry work. It has been such a blessing to us not having to use public transport. God has provided in other ways as well – with health for us when things looked tough with one thing and another, with friendships when we were feeling low and with laughter when things started to get on top of us. We are so grateful always for where God has placed us and the adventure He leads us on.


Movie night at a village

This year we will continue to run after all that God has for us. We will continue with meetings in villages, working with people in the communities we come across as well as doing what we can to learn language (both Thai and Isan languages). We attend the local Assemblies of God church in Khon Kaen on Sundays with Wolfgang now included regularly on the preaching roster. A number of ‘Flourish’ courses will be run in Khon Kaen this year with the first one starting on the 6th February with staff from a local institution. We are praying that the men’s “Courageous” course will also commence running this year with Wolfgang training local men.


Presenting God’s work in Isan to Ignite Life Church Cobram

We were home in Northern Victoria for Christmas this last year and it was great being able to catch up with many of our friends and supporters. Thank –you to you all for your faithfulness in supporting Gods work in Thailand. We cannot be here doing this without your support, prayers and messages of encouragement.

On a personal note, we thank God that our eldest daughter, husband and family have migrated back to Australia on January 1st, 2017 after living in Germany for five years. Dianne was able to visit them briefly when she was home for Christmas. On a sad note, Wolfgang’s mum passed away a couple of weeks ago – she lived to the grand old age of 93 years old and Wolfgang was able to share the gospel again and pray with her last September when he was in Germany. We are believing that she Is now with God in glory.

Prayer points

  • Continue to pray for divine help with language learning
  • Please pray for the participants in the first Flourish course this year. Pray that they will draw closer to God through this course.
  • Pray for many more Flourish courses to come together this year.
  • Pray that we will follow our Lord and hear His word. Pray that we will follow His plan.
  • Pray for a suitable Isan person to work with us.

We thank you so much for your prayers and support.  With many blessings Wolfgang and Dianne

December 2016


Showing a movie at one Christmas celebration in a village

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

We have had an exciting month here in Isan. We have seen a few people coming to know Jesus as their God. One of the Christian leaders prayed in one of the villages for a lady who was having a hard time selling her homemade ice cream. Her business had dropped right off. After prayer for her business, she had four new customers that day and more orders started coming. So now she trusts Jesus to provide for her. Her family also started to worship Jesus. Another lady’s tomato crop was dying, this would mean no income for her for the year. She heard about Jesus and came to a village meeting and prayed to Him to save her crop. Within two hours her crop changed in appearance and is now healthy again. Jesus is working in Isan which is so exciting.


Mae Ploy who recovered miraculously

An elderly lady in another village was very sick. She was taken to hospital where she deteriorated even more. We continued to pray for her. One day she was so bad that they sent her to the university hospital in Khon Kaen by ambulance. We visited her on her arrival at that hospital in Khon Kaen. She was cold and barely responding to anyone. So we asked God for a miracle as we prayed for her. The very next day she was sent home from the hospital to her village as she was so much better that she did not even have to return to the village hospital but went straight back to her family home! God worked a miracle for her and her family.


Christmas presents for a village

Last Thursday we held our first Christmas party in a village. We had about twenty people come to watch a movie in Isan language. The story line was according to the prodigal son and was very well contextualised to be culturally relevant for Isan people. Everyone loved the movie and especially the Isan music.   A new man attended the party who had had a dream a couple of days before, that a foreigner would come to the village and bring him a good message. He found out that a foreigner was showing a movie this week so he come, heard the message of God and received Jesus into his heart. He is so keen to hear more about Jesus, that he came to worship in church in Khon Kaen today and bought a car load of people from his village as well. God is almighty and powerful and moves in ways beyond our understanding.


This man had a dream of me. Talking about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Translation of the Flourish Handbook and journal into Thai are progressing well. We praise God that finance has been made available to fund this work from another missionary lady who works in Khon Kaen. Next year should see many Thai groups running the Flourish life skills course. Also we have begun to talk to others about the Courageous course for men and that looks likely to go ahead next year as well.


A calf coming to take part in worship in a village

Praise and prayer points

  • We thank God for looking after us and helping us every step of the way
  • We thank God for His provision for the Flourish program

–   Please pray that all the different Flourish groups will come together and lives will be transformed     and that Courageous groups for men will take off as well.

  • Please pray for save travel to and in Australia
  • Continue to pray for our ability to speak and understand the Thai and Isan languages.

We will spend Christmas with family in Australia this year and hope to catch up with many of you.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6) 

As we thank you for all your prayers and support, we like to wish you a happy Christmas and many blessings from our Lord Jesus in the next year. Wolfgang and Dianne