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September 2017

Splitting bamboo into narrow stripes to make chicken coops


Hi Everyone, we pray you are all well. We had a busy, but exciting time in Isan after being encouraged at our annual Pan Asia missions conference in Phuket. We now go regularly to Isan villages to bring a message of hope. We talk about Jesus and pray for people’s needs. We started going out with two indigenous men who have strong faith in Jesus and recently other Isan believers have joined us. It does not happen often here that believers from within the church go out and share their faith with others in their own area. It is a journey from knowing Jesus to actually bringing the message to others. Jesus taught us how to train disciples and we learn from His model.

Finished chicken coop mainly used for roosters. They also make fence panels and baskets

We are  inspired to see churches grow. In one area we have a lady wanting to step up to start a new house group. As a group of Isan women bring the good news to their people and pray for them, new people are coming to faith and want to worship Jesus in their home. I show movies in various house churches and see more people attend the meetings every time I go. We see enormous growth in the AOG church in Khon Kaen as well. The church split over 6 months ago and both groups are now growing. The original church was left with only about 15 people and has now over 30 people attending with much of the growth being new believers. This church has no pastor at the moment, but excellent leadership through the elders. I preach in that church once a month and the other Sundays I tell stories in the village church.

Sunday service AOG Khon Kaen

We continue to see miracles. One lady was very sick for about 4 weeks and could not eat normal meals and she did not sleep well. She lost a lot of weight, yet continued to trust Jesus. She withstood family pressure to see the local healer. We offered to take her to hospital for a check up, but she declined. Yet the same week she was miraculously healed and now can eat meals normally. Many of her relatives came to the next meeting and worshipped Jesus.

This is a spirit house where people offer gifts to the guardian spirit daily. The spirit house is a very important part of the Thai belief system. It is usually built before the main dwelling is erected.

The translation of the ‘Flourish’ material into Thai is almost completed. It is being prove-read at the moment. Dianne is planning to start another Flourish course with some younger ladies soon. This program is an amazing tool to transform the lives of many women. Isan women are very excited to learn about inner beauty as beauty is generally seen as something on the outside, e.g. white skin, western looking noses etc.  rather than what’s inside a person.

Some of you may know that Dianne and I milked cows some years ago and Wolfgang likes to drink fresh cows milk. A new business started in Khon Kaen delivering fresh cows milk in 3 litre bags. We had our first bag delivered yesterday. How great is that of all the places in the world to live in a town where we have fresh milk fresh from the cow delivered to our house! God is good!

These words of Jesus often cross our mind:

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38, NKJV.)

Prayer Points

  • Pray for a man in a village who has extensive excema over most of his body and knowledge to know how to help him.
  • Pray for a good rice crop in Isan despite recent wide spread flooding
  • Pray for open hearts, minds and souls of the people we talk to in the villages
  • Pray for continuing good health for us
  • Pray for the AOG church in Khon Kaen to continue to grow and find a suitable pastor

We thank you for your continuing support with prayer and finance. We cannot do this work here without your valuable support, encouragement and prayers. Bless you, Wolfgang and Dianne