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July 2017

Hi Everyone,

Now we are back serving Jesus in Isan. It was great to catch up with most of you while we were back in Australia on home leave. We thank you for your hospitality and encouragement during our time there. We enjoyed worshipping with many of you and loved seeing many churches doing well and growing. We also thank our many individual supporters. Only because many of you pull together and support us, can we bring hope and the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ to the Isan people.


Communion in a village

Since we returned to Thailand, we worship Jesus every Sunday in a village. We love going there and doing ‘church’ in a typical rural Thai dwelling. We started having communion every Sunday. Jesus is in the centre of every meeting. We hear testimonies of the presence of Jesus and especially, testimonies of  healing. Each Sunday, Wolfgang is telling a bible story, which applies to everyone’s life. We have started sharing ten teachings of Jesus. We started with the first command: repent and have faith in Jesus. We explained repentance from the story of the lost (prodigal) son. It still takes a lot of time to prepare for the meetings, although Wolfgang’s Thai is improving. Becoming more fluent in Isan language has also helped with communication. Also, Wolfgang goes to the village during the week to pray for sick people and talk with others about the hope that can be found in God.

Visiting friends in a village

We also visited another village where we set up an aquaponic system. The first vegetable crop has been harvested and the fish are well and truly big enough to eat. A second lot of small fish have been purchased to grow out to maturity. God is blessing the people there with vegetables and now, plenty of fish. We also prayed for an elderly man who has problems walking. He is slowly improving, yet we are praying for complete health and restoration of his ability to walk normally once again. His name is Por J.


Keeping a calf off the dinner table

In the other villages where we attend meetings, we see Jesus rewarding the people’s faithfulness in different ways. The father of one of the ladies who attends the group was taken to hospital and needed to be resuscitated. He was very sick until a few people went to pray for him. He says that the darkness before his eyes turned to light and his health immediately improved. He was discharged from hospital to back home. He has since given his heart to Jesus and got baptised.

Next week we will attend our yearly Australian Christian Churches International Pan Asia mission conference in Phuket. We are looking forward to sharing about what Jesus is doing in Isan with other missionaries and pastors from Australia. Many missionaries from all over the world attend Pan Asia and it is always so exciting hearing about what God is doing in their lives.

This bible verse is one of our favourites, reminding us how to do ‘church’ –

So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” (Acts 2:46, 47)

Praise and Prayer Points: 

  • We praise God for our work permit. We received a two year work permit which is a blessing. Normally you have to apply every 12 months.
  • We thank God for improved health of Por Dtom’s daughter
  • We thank God for continuing good health
  • Please pray for restoration of complete health for Por Jon
  • Please pray for open hearts, minds and souls to receive the Good News
  • Please continue to pray for a suitable Isan or Lao person to work with us


We thank you all for your prayers and support to serve Jesus here in Isan. Richest Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne