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January 2017


Children having fun in the village

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

The beginning of the year is a time to reflect on what is past and to look forward to what the new year may bring. This past year for us has been one of ups and downs in Thailand. We have seen God move in some amazing ways – we have seen His provision time and time again in both the small things and the big things. We have witnessed healings from sickness, heard about dreams/visions involving us and have the deep assurance that God is with us. We were able to purchase a car thanks to the generous donations of our supporting network. The car has been used greatly to transport people to village meetings, take others to church and general ministry work. It has been such a blessing to us not having to use public transport. God has provided in other ways as well – with health for us when things looked tough with one thing and another, with friendships when we were feeling low and with laughter when things started to get on top of us. We are so grateful always for where God has placed us and the adventure He leads us on.


Movie night at a village

This year we will continue to run after all that God has for us. We will continue with meetings in villages, working with people in the communities we come across as well as doing what we can to learn language (both Thai and Isan languages). We attend the local Assemblies of God church in Khon Kaen on Sundays with Wolfgang now included regularly on the preaching roster. A number of ‘Flourish’ courses will be run in Khon Kaen this year with the first one starting on the 6th February with staff from a local institution. We are praying that the men’s “Courageous” course will also commence running this year with Wolfgang training local men.


Presenting God’s work in Isan to Ignite Life Church Cobram

We were home in Northern Victoria for Christmas this last year and it was great being able to catch up with many of our friends and supporters. Thank –you to you all for your faithfulness in supporting Gods work in Thailand. We cannot be here doing this without your support, prayers and messages of encouragement.

On a personal note, we thank God that our eldest daughter, husband and family have migrated back to Australia on January 1st, 2017 after living in Germany for five years. Dianne was able to visit them briefly when she was home for Christmas. On a sad note, Wolfgang’s mum passed away a couple of weeks ago – she lived to the grand old age of 93 years old and Wolfgang was able to share the gospel again and pray with her last September when he was in Germany. We are believing that she Is now with God in glory.

Prayer points

  • Continue to pray for divine help with language learning
  • Please pray for the participants in the first Flourish course this year. Pray that they will draw closer to God through this course.
  • Pray for many more Flourish courses to come together this year.
  • Pray that we will follow our Lord and hear His word. Pray that we will follow His plan.
  • Pray for a suitable Isan person to work with us.

We thank you so much for your prayers and support.  With many blessings Wolfgang and Dianne