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December 2016


Showing a movie at one Christmas celebration in a village

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

We have had an exciting month here in Isan. We have seen a few people coming to know Jesus as their God. One of the Christian leaders prayed in one of the villages for a lady who was having a hard time selling her homemade ice cream. Her business had dropped right off. After prayer for her business, she had four new customers that day and more orders started coming. So now she trusts Jesus to provide for her. Her family also started to worship Jesus. Another lady’s tomato crop was dying, this would mean no income for her for the year. She heard about Jesus and came to a village meeting and prayed to Him to save her crop. Within two hours her crop changed in appearance and is now healthy again. Jesus is working in Isan which is so exciting.


Mae Ploy who recovered miraculously

An elderly lady in another village was very sick. She was taken to hospital where she deteriorated even more. We continued to pray for her. One day she was so bad that they sent her to the university hospital in Khon Kaen by ambulance. We visited her on her arrival at that hospital in Khon Kaen. She was cold and barely responding to anyone. So we asked God for a miracle as we prayed for her. The very next day she was sent home from the hospital to her village as she was so much better that she did not even have to return to the village hospital but went straight back to her family home! God worked a miracle for her and her family.


Christmas presents for a village

Last Thursday we held our first Christmas party in a village. We had about twenty people come to watch a movie in Isan language. The story line was according to the prodigal son and was very well contextualised to be culturally relevant for Isan people. Everyone loved the movie and especially the Isan music.   A new man attended the party who had had a dream a couple of days before, that a foreigner would come to the village and bring him a good message. He found out that a foreigner was showing a movie this week so he come, heard the message of God and received Jesus into his heart. He is so keen to hear more about Jesus, that he came to worship in church in Khon Kaen today and bought a car load of people from his village as well. God is almighty and powerful and moves in ways beyond our understanding.


This man had a dream of me. Talking about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Translation of the Flourish Handbook and journal into Thai are progressing well. We praise God that finance has been made available to fund this work from another missionary lady who works in Khon Kaen. Next year should see many Thai groups running the Flourish life skills course. Also we have begun to talk to others about the Courageous course for men and that looks likely to go ahead next year as well.


A calf coming to take part in worship in a village

Praise and prayer points

  • We thank God for looking after us and helping us every step of the way
  • We thank God for His provision for the Flourish program

–   Please pray that all the different Flourish groups will come together and lives will be transformed     and that Courageous groups for men will take off as well.

  • Please pray for save travel to and in Australia
  • Continue to pray for our ability to speak and understand the Thai and Isan languages.

We will spend Christmas with family in Australia this year and hope to catch up with many of you.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6) 

As we thank you for all your prayers and support, we like to wish you a happy Christmas and many blessings from our Lord Jesus in the next year. Wolfgang and Dianne