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November 2016

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

We hope you are all doing well. Last month was a very busy month. We have started visiting another village. Wolfgang is taking a more leading role in the meetings and is bringing the message every week in one village. We normally tell a story, ask questions, look at the associated bible passage and encourage everyone to retell the story with their bible closed. This is more encouraging for people who cannot read or write and teaches everyone how to tell stories. The Isan people are generally very good in telling stories because they have good memories and have traditionally passed on culture this way. The aim is to have people tell bible stories to their families, neighbours and co workers. It is a good way to spread the gospel.


                         Drying grass to weave into mats 

Wolfgang’s Thai is slowly improving. He is able to tell stories in fairly basic Thai, yet to understand Isan language remains a challenge. Another step that will be mastered in the future. On Saturday nights we take part in a language exchange program that our Thai teacher Kru Aw started. We meet in a coffee shop and Thai speakers speak English, while we answer in Thai. This is a good way to learn more Thai conversation. We found that everyone is very interested in how we come to be in this part of Thailand and like to hear more about Jesus. It is a great forum to discuss the Love of our God for the Isan people.


                         Language exchange program

We are introducing new songs into one of the villages. Wolfgang is learning to play the guitar as well. It is another challenge as we are not worship leaders. It is exciting to have everyone sing new songs, rather than only the very old hymns. The words of the hymns are often not easy for Isan people to understand and learn.


                         Playing a new song in the village

We spent part of a weekend at a retreat for Isan Christians organised by another mission organisation. We had a fantastic time worshipping our Lord and also learned more about story telling. It was good to catch up with other missionaries as well.

Flourish is progressing further and we hope to hear about possible finance to translate the manuals and workbooks into Thai. Please continue to pray for this. You would all have heard that the longest reigning King, the King of Thailand, passed on. Please pray for Thailand and the leadership of this great nation.

Praise and Prayer points:

  • We praise God for all the opportunities He creates to proclaim His word.
  • We thank Him for keeping us in good health and being our healer at times of sickness.
  • We thank Jesus for His help in language learning.
  • Please continue to pray for improvements in language especially in understanding Isan.
  • Pray for the nation of Thailand and wisdom for the leaders in the current situation.
  • Pray for His Holy Spirit to move over Thailand.
  • Pray for divine help in learning how to lead worship and also pray for a co worker to assist us and is fluent in Thai/Isan.

“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” (Psalm 96:3)

We thank you so much for all your prayers and support to bring the gospel message into this unreached part of our world. Many blessings Wolfgang and Dianne