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August 2016


Enjoying the Pan Asia Conference

Hi Everyone

We pray that this newsletter will find you all well and excited about the many things our Lord is doing in Australia and overseas. We were very blessed to be part of Pan Asia 2016. It was encouraging for us to hear the many stories of the work of our Lord Jesus today. We enjoyed very much catching up with pastors and leaders from home as well as many field workers from around the world. Thank you Ps Mark Bates for the video clips and recordings from the Victorian State conference.


during the community development workshop

Prior to the conference we attended a two day workshop on community development. We learned about the importance of empowering the people we work with. It is important for us in Isan to bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus. This includes finding ways for village people to make a living without the ever increasing debt farmers commonly endure from money borrowed for crops, healthcare, machinery, etc.

On our way to the conference we met a taxi driver who came from Isan to work in Phuket. He took us to our hotel and I rang him again to pick us up after the conference. On the trip back to the airport he even refused the tip we normally give to people for their services. This is a good example of the character of Isan people.


great taxi service in Phuket

Just recently we dropped some paintbrushes off at the new house of our Thai teacher so she could paint her new rental place. As we talked outside her new house with some older ladies, we prayed for one lady with back pain.  She felt much better the next day and we pray that the healing power of Jesus will open her heart to receive Him. Our teacher is a very outreaching Christian lady. Last Sunday another elderly lady in a village where we have church in was very sick. Her doctor thinks she should have long passed on.  We prayed for her and offered to take her to hospital. She said she rather trust Jesus. She is better now. God is our healer.

Just one month ago a first New Testament translation of the bible into Isan language has been published. This may be a great step forward to bringing the Gospel message into Isan. Wolfgang will try next week to introduce this bible to a group in a village. One Christian leader who can read is very excited about it and likes to read it. Unfortunately not everyone can read, but everyone finds it easier to understand Isan than Thai.

Another two Flourish courses are just finished. One missionary, who finished the Flourish training, is already planning new Flourish courses with the women she works with in Isan. We just need the ‘train the trainers manual’ translated into Thai. This is a rather large manual of over 200 pages. She may be able to access some funding for translating this manual. The translation is expensive.

In view of the recent bombings in the south of Thailand we like to ask you to pray for Thailand. Pray for unity of the Thai people and pray for open hearts, minds and souls to receive the good news of our God.

Other prayer points

–  Pray for us to find ways for Isan farmers to overcome the problem of

continuous debt.

–  Pray for continuation of the Flourish program and necessary

financial supply for translating the manual

–  Pray for Dianne as she is about to take part in an intensive and research

conference at Harvest Bible College in Melbourne

–  Continue to pray for further improvements in language learning

–  Thank Jesus for the continuing support of His work in Isan.

–   Pray for a successful introduction of the Isan bible into the villages. Pray

that this will positively influence the spread of the Gospel.