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July 2016

Hi Everyone, we trust you are all well. The rainy season has well and truly started, with rains most afternoons now. The frogs are in full throaty choruses at night. We have had another great month here in the Isan region of Thailand. We were blessed to host a team from Encounter Christian Church, Shepparton. It was fun to have our first team visit and to be able to share what God is doing in Isan.


Ps Phil praying for everyone

Ps Phil, Paul and Gladys were able to share in a couple of villages and on Sunday in Christian Sampan church. Paul and Gladys presented amazing testimonies, which touched peoples’ hearts. Ps Phil gave a number of very important and encouraging messages. He talked about the task our Lord Jesus gives to the Isan people in the village, looking after their grandchildren and bringing them up in Gods way. He also spoke about the importance of looking outside the box and God is close to us. One lady gave her heart to Jesus following the message. Ps Phil presented all messages in a culturally relevant way, everyone was blessed by his words. Their visit has been an encouragement to us. It is so good to know that our supporting churches take so much interest in what we are doing, so much so that they come and visit.


Gladys and the women in the village

In one village we started to introduce a couple of new Thai and Isan choruses to the group we do house church with. The group is presently singing old Thai hymns. These have many difficult words that most of the older people find hard to read in the hymnbook. As their language is Isan and not Thai, those hymns do not speak to their heart, while Isan choruses come alive for them. Being able to accompany the songs with a guitar gives a new atmosphere.

Jesus is continuing to show His presence. People are being healed of various diseases and we see some leaders successfully discipling others. Wolfgang has started to take lessons in Isan language as well as Thai now. Isan language is very similar to Laos language. This will help us to understand people better and it will help eventually to present the gospel message in the heart language of the people.

Two ‘Flourish’ group courses just finished their 9 week sessions this week and three women went on to do leadership training. Everyone was happy with the course and learned new skills for life and ministry. Two Thai ladies and one missionary completed the ‘train the trainers’ day and are now able to run their own flourish courses.


Graduation ceremony for Flourish

We are now looking forward to our annual ACCI Missions conference. The Pan Asia conference will start with a workshop on community development at the end of this week. This conference is a great time to learn, to catch up with other missionaries and share our experiences. I believe there is a lot to learn for everyone in Missions. Protestant missionaries have been in Isan for over 150 years yet the fruit is fairly minimal. We do see some growth in the number of churches, yet the 23 million Isan people remain unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray

– for a mighty move of His Spirit over Isan

– for us to become more fluent in Thai and Isan language

– thank God for the two flourish groups and for training new leaders

– that they will have a great impact in their communities

– thank God for continuing support and sponsorship for His work

Thank you for all your prayers, encouragement and support. We could not do this work without you. Richest Blessings to you all from Wolfgang and Dianne