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March 2016


Worshipping Jesus in the village

We hope you all had a blessed Easter celebrating His Resurrection. How great is our God – sometimes it is hard for us to understand all His goodness but He blesses us daily and is present in all we do. “Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life” (Psalm 23:6, MSG bible).

Easter is not yet celebrated in Thailand being a Buddhist nation. Only the churches mention Easter in their services but Khon Kaen has a dawn service which is attended by some. The Holy Spirit is moving over Thailand and more and more people are coming to know our Lord Jesus. We see many open hearts in the villages. Easter night we showed a couple of video clips at a house group meeting in a village with Bill and Julie Hughes. The People loved to see the Easter story. We also showed a clip of a testimony of a man in Thailand who died and come back to life after prayer from his believing wife. We hear many testimonies of healing, provision and protection. We paid for some bibles for a few people in a village and it is great to actually see them read God’s word and discuss it every week.


Dianne and our son Aaron on Dianne’s trip home for her niece’s wedding

A big thank you goes to our wonderful daughter in law, Fiona Sue, for organizing the silent auction and the car rally that raised funds to enable us to buy a ‘Carryboy’ for the back of our ute. The carryboy is a hardtop canopy that fits onto the back. We especially like to thank the Ignite Life churches in Numurkah, Cobram and Yarrawonga for their generosity as well. We now can still carry people on the back of our car during the wet season which is only two months away. There should also be some money left over for musical instruments to play music in the house churches in the village.

Last week we went to the annual Missions Conference of COC Thailand who we have been able to get our visa and work permit through (Christian Outreach Centre Foundation). It was again a great time of refreshing and encouragement to see so many Asian people receive freely through His Holy Spirit. There is a great hunger for all that Jesus has to offer.


Montree and some relatives

As we now have a motor car, Wolfgang has been able to catch up with Montree who stayed with us on our farm in Australia over five years ago, in his village near Petchabun. This visit happened under very sad circumstances as Montree’s mum had died the day before in a bike/car accident. His mum was a very nice lady. Wolfgang could still see his mum as she was laid out for cremation and prayed with Montree and supported the family. God only knows the details of this visits’ timing. We will go back and visit Montree again next weekend.

The Flourish program is becoming quite popular. Dianne is considering running two groups soon. Please keep praying for many women to attend the program and be touched by the Spirit of our Lord Jesus. We continue our language learning and progress. Wolfgang has started to learn to tell bible stories in Thai. It is still a lot easier to write them down in Thai and then read them. Even that is not too easy as the Thai writing system is difficult. After all it is necessary to get the tones right for people to understand the words he is saying.

Prayer and praise points:

Thank Jesus for His supply of the canopy for the ute.

Thank God for continuing health.

Continue to pray for the ability to speak and understand Thai well.

Pray for His Spirit to move over Thailand and touch many lives.

Pray for the village people we do ‘church’ with, especially those who are under attack from the ever present enemy.

We are always thankful for your prayers and support. We could do nothing here without you. Richest Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne