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February 2016

Hi everyone, today as we write this blog it is a Thai public holiday and our neighbourhood is quiet which is unusual for us. We live opposite a frozen fish factory and there is usually a lot of traffic up and down our soi (street) but today it is closed.

Many exciting things have happened since our last post. Last month we attended the ‘Revive Asia Conference’ with Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker in Bangkok. This was a great time of spiritual refreshment for us as well as a time of learning more about our movement in Asia. The focus was on ‘unity’, which is so important for Thailand, where in our experience, churches have been planted by Christians but there is no cooperation between church groups and every group is fiercely protective of what they have. Speakers from China spoke about the revival in China and how it started after five different house church movements combined and worked together to bring the gospel message into China which resulted in ‘exploding’ church growth. Both Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker bought fantastic insights into Gods word that really struck a cord with us.

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We thank God for having blessed us with a motorcar (and heartfelt thanks to all those who donated money towards it). In January, we purchased a four door, 12 year old Mazda ute. It is a good solid, low mileage vehicle. The diesel motor is fairly economical to run. Now we can go around to villages and see what the Isan region looks like. We have started to go out to two villages with an American missionary couple who have been working in Thailand for over 20 years. We are learning a lot and also have some opportunity of practicing our Thai language that is improving (thanks to the knowledge and ability of our teacher Kru Aw). It still needs some time before Wolfgang can bring the message in Thai. We noticed that people do not speak Thai in the villages, they speak Laos (Isan) language. Most of them can speak some Thai. Learning Isan language will be another challenge to tackle down the track. An Elder from our local church here has started an outreach into a village 70 km from Khon Kaen. We have joined him doing outreach – it is quite a poor village but the people work hard. We notice many people are very open to our God and have seen people come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and be baptized. It is so true that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few (Luke 10:2).


Wolfgang was able to help a lady from a village who was married to a German man who had passed away. She was able to receive a small pension from Germany but the money was put monthly into the account of another German man who is married to a Thai lady living in Thailand. This family only passed on a small amount of the money and pocketed the rest. As the lady can not read or write German, there was no way of stopping this theft. Wolfgang wrote to the German company and the lady now receives her full pension into her own bank account in Thailand. She thanks God for this as she knows God answered her prayers.

The life skills program ‘Flourish’ has finished and the two young women who completed the course were positively impacted by it. It is a wonderful program that brings great changes to women as they discover their identity and worth in God. Already full planning for the next course in April is underway and it looks like we will have a lot more participants. The next course will be run in Thai and English as the two young women step up into leadership. Praise God that He surrounds us with the people we need to be able to efficiently bring the message here. Here we are celebrating the last session of Flourish.


Please pray

-for the next Flourish course that will change the lives of more women

-pray for unity of the churches in Thailand to change this nation

-continue to pray for our language learning so that we are able to carry

God’s message into villages


Many thanks for your prayers and support. We could not be here doing this without you, Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne

P.S. We have uploaded some new photos to our website so click on ‘pictures’ on the top of this page if you want to see more pictures.