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January 2016

Hi Everyone,

We would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year in 2016. We pray that this year will be one filled with hope and joy as we partner together for His glory.

We have had a very interesting month with many events, as Christmas is the main time of the year for church outreach. One of the things we did  was to help friends with their Christmas celebrations in a village where they have been working for a number of years. There was a lot of dancing,  music and many different gospel presentations. Many people would have heard the gospel for the first time. About 150 people attended the celebrations.


Following the German tradition we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve at our house with Christmas dinner. We had about 12 guests and everyone enjoyed the meal and fellowship. Dianne cooked Australian roast and Wolfgang bought Thai food down the street. Wolfgang had pre-recorded his testimony in Thai and it was shown during our Christmas party. We were able to buy a good second hand projector and so we were able to present a clip of the Christmas story in a culturally relevant way. It was a fun night.

Thailand doesn’t celebrate Christmas as this is a Buddhist country and Jesus is not yet known here. Yet our (Western) New Year is celebrated here now as well as the Thai New year in April. We have been with another friend in a village where we prayed with one of the farmers. He invited us back for dinner one night to his farm. We are looking forward to spending more time with him again.


It was encouraging to hear that Rita and her daughter from Uganda took part in a whole night prayer meeting for the New Year celebrations in her own country. They had a big prayer meeting in the football stadium in Kampala in Uganda that even the president attended. One day that will be Thailand.

Today our neighbour, Pi June bought us lunch to share at our house. It was delicious. This lady has been such a blessing to us. We also realized that we have to learn more Isan language. Wolfgang can speak enough Thai to make himself understood, but to understand Isan language is still a challenge. But at this time learning Thai is still a priority with many lessons each week with Kru Aw.


We have been blessed with the money for our car from a couple of our supporting churches so next week we will visit a friend who will help us to find a car. Please pray that Jesus will supply the right car for us. It will make a huge difference for us here in the work we will be able to do.

The Flourish program is continuing and is a huge blessing to Dianne and the young women in the group. Truly, God is great the way He brings everything together at just the right time. Please pray for the young women doing the course, that they will be even more effective in their work and daily lives.

Again  we thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Without you our work here would not be possible. Richest Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne