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November 2015


Baptism at Christian Sampan Church Khon Kaen

Hi Everyone,

We have had another exciting month here in Thailand.  We are building a number of interesting connections to villages and are looking forward to buying a car and being able to travel there. We are continuing the English and cultural exchange program at our local church. Please pray for people from the community around our church, to come and learn English and so hear the gospel message. We attended a baptismal service at church a couple of weeks back. It was a really moving service as eleven older people managed to climb into the ‘pool’ to be baptized as they sought God.

American missionaries, who are working in villages around Khon Kaen, organized a two day workshop to teach on ‘telling stories’. A missionary couple working in India led the workshop. We were very happy to be able to attend this workshop together with over 50 Thai people from two villages. It was amazing to see how quickly the people from the villages picked up on telling the stories and even acting the stories out in drama. These stories are still being retold around the villages.

Dianne has started to train two ladies in running the ‘Flourish’ program here. The Flourish program is a nine week life skills program that was developed especially for South East Asian culture. They are having fun learning together. Please continue to pray that many lives will be changed through this program in Thailand in the future.

A miracle happened during Thai lessons one night. Our Thai teacher had a mosquito bite and asked for some tiger balm. So Wolfgang went upstairs to search for tiger balm and saw that the wires on the main fuse box were glowing red hot. A neighbour, who is an electrician and was just home from work, came straight away and fixed the problem. Thank God for His protection! And the teachers’ bite disappeared.

Thank you for all your prayers regarding Rita. We are very excited to see her happily reunited with her daughter and family in Uganda. It is a real blessing to see photos of her daughter smiling as mum is back home. Please pray for employment for Rita and her family.

We have been able to bless some of the ladies in the prison with personal care packs. The packs were made and supplied by ‘Sip n Sew’, the Numurkah Quilt group from our church. Many thanks to Noleen McKenzie, Elizabeth Davies, Carolyn Drennan and the rest of the ladies for your efforts.


Personal care packs donated to prison

Currently we are applying for a one year visa so we can remain in Thailand. Please  pray for the successful application of the visa for Thailand.  We are very thankful for your prayers and support. Without you we would not be able to serve our Lord in this part of Thailand where the gospel is not yet known. Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne