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October 2015


Travelling back to Uganda

Hi Everyone, we had a busy time as our daughter was married in Australia last month. We had a fantastic day for the wedding and it was exciting to catch up with family and friends.

God has been working amazing miracles here in Thailand. Just before we left for Australia the Ugandan lady who became a victim of an employment scam, was released from prison. She knew that God was her only hope while she was in prison. Before she was just a nominal Christian. As she prayed and fasted God answered her prayers. It was a real miracle for her to be set free. We thank you all for your prayers. We were able to provide for her and bring her back to Bangkok where she lived previously. As her visa had expired during her time in prison she was now an illegal immigrant. We were hoping that another Non Government Organisation (NGO) would be able to help her  travel back home to be reunited with her family but unfortunately the cost was expensive as Thailand charges A$ 20 per day, up to A$ 800 for overstaying a visa on departure.  The lady was still in Bangkok on our return to Thailand. Due to the recent bombing in Bangkok, there were increased police checks in Bangkok and an increased risk for her to be detained yet again. But God was bigger and helped. He answered many prayers and we were able to purchase her return ticket and pay for her visa overstay fines. Another Christian organisation working with women in Bangkok contributed financially and supported her in her travel preparations. She travelled back home a couple of days ago and is now together again with her daughter and family in Uganda. Praise God for His goodness and mercy.

We are continuing our English program at Christian Sampan Church in Khon Kaen. It is great to see the interest in learning English and an increase in confidence and knowledge to speak English. Please pray that this program will bring unchurched people into the house of God. Again we are concentrating on learning the Thai language. It is rewarding to see some steady progress for all the hours we put into it.

While attending our organisation’s Pan Asia conference in July, Wolfgang undertook the ‘Courageous’ training for men and Dianne undertook the ‘Flourish’ training for women. God is bringing women alongside us who are interested in the Flourish program and we hope to commence the program in the coming weeks. This program helps all women to address issues in life and helps them deal with those, through greater recognition of who we are in and with God. Please pray that many lives will be changed through this program in Khon Kaen.

We thank you for making it possible to bring the love of God into Thailand and helping people in need. We are very thankful to God as we now have nearly two thirds of the funds required to purchase a car. So watch this space! Our God is our provider in all things, no matter how small or how huge. Bless Him. Richest blessings Wolfgang and Dianne