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August 2015


fun at PanAsia conference

Hi everyone,

We have had a great month, seeing amazing things that our God does, the things He puts into place and the way He provides for us.

We attended the Pan Asia Conference in Phuket for our annual missionaries’ conference. It was fantastic! The first two days was spent doing the ‘Courageous’ and the ‘Flourish” program training which was quite intense but very enjoyable. Hopefully we will start to run these programs in the near future – they are programs similar to the “Shine’ program. It is such a useful tool to have when working with groups of people, whether in Australia or elsewhere. Many of the missionaries did the training so it will be run in a number of different countries.

There is nothing like being in a room with nearly three hundred missionaries all praising and worshipping God and singing, ‘Where feet may fail’ (Hillsong Live song). The teaching at the conference was excellent, especially as we don’t get much in our local church due to language barriers. Listening to the other missionaries and seeing the video clips of all the things they are doing in many different countries is so impacting, it makes you want to go back and do more in the communities.

We had to do a visa run up into Laos to extend our visa. What an adventure, it took longer that it should have by Wolfgang and I getting separated. I was in a hurry to get through the border customs and Wolfgang wanted to eat his lunch so I went on ahead through customs and then proceeded to wait at the gate for Wolfgang to finish his lunch. He didn’t come for nearly two hours. When he did come he had already gone through customs, been through the Laos migration at the border and had been back to Thailand, on a bus where he waited for a number of buses and had asked everyone if an Australian women had been through there yet. He then retraced his steps back from Thailand to the border control in Laos back to the customs office where you exit Thailand, where he found me waiting ‘patiently’ for him still. I had no mobile phone on me nor did I have any baht (money) on me though I did have my passport and I cannot speak much Thai. So I waited on…I thought if I waited at the gate, Wolfgang had to pass me and we should be right but Wolfgang took the first exit next to the customs’ booth whereas I was waiting at the end of the customs area so we missed each other. The moral of the story is, thank God that He is in control of all things even when we are out of control and ‘lost’ and take the other mobile phone next time! All up it was over eleven hours, four busses and lots of waiting around.

We have started the English program at Christian Sampan Church. Teaching English is a great tool to engage the community in, many want to learn or improve their language skills so we have a big mixed group. It is a lot of fun, and it is nice to see the older ladies laugh at learning another language.

We are continuing to support a Ugandan lady that we met in prison, visiting her when we can. This lady fell victim to an employment scam. Her first court case is this Wednesday so please pray for her, that justice will prevail and that she can be free again. We have been in touch with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to get legal representation for her so hopefully things will work out well.

Once again thank you for your prayers and support  Richest Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne


Church on Mothers day in Thailand