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July 2015

IMG_0893                          Having lunch after the morning in prison

Hi Everyone,

We have seen many exciting things in the last month. Our prison ministry, along with Jump church, is progressing well. Attendance at the bible school in the prison is increasing and we see a marked spiritual growth. This is very obvious during worship and the questions asked often show spiritual depth. We have been given another room to meet in as the other was really cramped and extremely hot. This room is much bigger and air-conditioned. We use it mainly for the ladies meeting. It is great to see some of the younger people from Jump church stepping up to do this ministry as well.

We spent two days travelling around other parts of the Isan region with Jump Church and a small team from the USA. This trip revealed the necessity of carrying the gospel message into this part of Thailand. As we left the main road it become very obvious that development has not reached all the areas in Isan. The villages appear poor and not developed. We spent time praying for salvations and breaking strongholds over the people that are manifested in the many temples. We had a good time and God opened our eyes to the things we might do in the future.

We also visited Thai friends who went back to their home village. They are working with children in their own village and we were able to bless them with some art materials that was paid for by a friend of Dianne’s (Libby) from university. It was exciting to attend a water baptism with the village church on that day.

Wolfgang is taking part in preaching and teaching in Jump church. We see great interest from the young people who want to become leaders for Christ in their own country. The main message is to reach out to the people near their homes, their friends and people they meet everyday. There are ministry opportunities that are opening up and that should not be missed. Many elderly people and single mothers need help. Please pray that the church will become more aware of the needs around them and create opportunities to help those in need.

We have increased our Thai lessons again and continue to progress. The process seems slow, yet it is important to learn conversation as we are here to bring a message and do community development. God is providing good teachers and eventually we will overcome this hurdle. Communication difficulties will not keep the good news of Jesus Christ away from the Isan people.

Please keep praying for a car for us as we are not able to leave Khon Kaen unless someone transports us in their car as the public transport is very limiting.

Please pray for rain for Thailand as many rice crops have already died due to lack of rain this wet season. This is devastating for many small farmers as they do not have any more seed left to resow and will need to borrow more money to do so. Also many dams are extremely low so that there is no irrigation water available.

So far this month we have had large cochroaches, a snake, a largish rat and numerous small insects invade our house. Someone commented yesterday that God is preparing us to live in the villages!

Thank-you for all your prayers and support, without you behind us we would not be here. To God be the Glory! Blessings, Wolfgang and Dianne.


friends in the village