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June 2015

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sharing at a youth group prayer meeting at Jump Church


Hi friends, families and supporters,

After an exciting time at our National Conference at the Gold Coast and some time with family and friends in Australia, we are now back in Khon Kaen, Thailand. It is encouraging to see what God is doing.

Since our return we are helping with a bible school in the prison. The Pastor from Jump Church and Wolfgang are lecturing. We have two groups, one in the lady’s prison and one in the men’s prison. We have school on Thursday and Friday mornings. While Wolfgang takes a session in the lady’s prison, Pastor Nueng teaches the men. Half way through the morning we swap. The course will run for three months and is for all Christians. The students will obtain a certificate from JumpChurch at completion of this course.

There is great interest in the course. We have about 20 women and 30 men attending. Everyone is very keen to learn more about our God and are striving to live in a closer relationship with Him. Every morning we spend some time in prayer and worship before lessons. Prayer is very important as only God can change lives and respond to their needs. This is a time when God touches lives.

Apart from the bible school, we continue our weekly church services in the prison in the afternoons as before.

We have been reviewing our English programs and will be continuing these at a later date. We plan to reach more young people from outside the church with these programs. Our Thai lessons are continuing and we are slowly progressing in chipping away on this challenge. God is helping us always.

Prayer points: We are praying for the purchase of a second hand motor vehicle at the moment. Many hours are taken up with travelling on public transport. Public transport only operates in day time hours so it is difficult to attend meetings at other times or in other towns. God is also opening doors to surrounding villages, but we are always dependent on someone else to take us there. If God puts it on your heart to help in this area, please find the form M164, Donation Options under ‘to support’ on this website.

Please pray for the many young leaders being trained in prison and in the churches. Pray for Jump Church and Christian Sampan church, that these churches will be used mightily of God to reach their communities.

Pray for more people to come to know Jesus through the English programs.

Pray for Dianne that she will not miss her family and grandchildren so much .


We thank you very much for supporting our Lord’s work in Thailand! May our Lord richly bless you!