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January 2015

IMG_0698      Christmas Service at the Assemblies of God Church in Khon Kaen

Hello friends, family and supporters,

We pray that you had a really nice Christmas and New Year and that you are enjoying a bit of a break from the usual hectic pace of life over the holiday season. Our Christmas was very different, quiet and non-festive though we moved into our house on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we were able to cook dinner for ourselves which was a treat after living off street food for over a month. Our furniture arrived the day before Christmas and we are now comfortably settled in a house near the university in Khon Kaen.

Just over a week ago we were very saddened to hear of the death of a fellow field worker in the Philippines. Ashley Varga and his wife Paula started working in the Philippines in June 2014 and were very compassionate people. Ashley became ill a few weeks ago and despite medical treatment, passed away. Please pray for Paula and their three children and extended families, that God’s grace will help them through this difficult time.

Our Thai lessons continue three times a week at a language school and we now have another young Thai lady who comes to our house twice a week to help with general conversational skills. It is quite hard work learning another language but we thank God for all the assistance we get with it. Technology also helps with all the apps we can use for translation and transliteration.

One of the churches we attend, Jump Church in Khon Kaen, has a prison ministry where they go to the prison once a week for a few hours to hold a church service, talk to the men and women there and to assist in any way possible. The prison currently has 5300 men and 340 women within its walls. Last week we met the head of the prison, he is a very open minded man and is always looking for ways to improve ‘his’ prison. Dianne was asked to teach English to the prison guards, along with a young Thai lady who studied English at university. Hopefully next week we will begin classes, using the Bible as our text book, enabling us to present Jesus and the gospel in simple English language. Please pray that this tool will be effective in reaching the prison guards and later on, the prisoners when the program is expanded.

Wolfgang has begun working with a young Thai man, to disciple him in leadership through bible study. The young man has a good character and is passionate for God and for his people to know God. Our time is spent mostly in learning Thai but exciting things are opening for us. Please pray that we will have wisdom in knowing what direction to take, what work we should devote the majority of our time to and to learn the language quickly.

Thank you all for your support. Richest Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne


Christmas Outreach with Jump Church at a School in Khon Kaen