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December 2014


Hi Everyone,

We have now been in Thailand for one month. God has been with us all the way. After finding accommodation in a motel, we have already found a house to rent. We will move in next week. We spent the last couple of weeks painting and cleaning it. It is a Thai style terrace house – there are about ten houses in a row and we are right in the middle of it. We have been blessed to get our furniture from our previous stay with Mercy International – this should be enough to furnish the house as it is completely empty at this stage. The furniture should arrive next week after we make a quick trip to Phetchabun.

We have joined with two local churches in Khon Kaen who have outreach programs to local villages surrounding the city of Khon Kaen. We have been to a couple of villages to help support and encourage the handful of Christians there. Both villages are quite isolated and appear not to have many resources. In one village, the villagers get to church once a month but face much opposition for their faith.

We have met another missionary lady called Elisa from Uruguay who has been of immense help to us. She has helped with the intricacies of the Thai public transport system, something that involves lots of waiting around. She is working with one of the local churches and works with teenage girls and young women.

Wolfgang went to the local prison with two Thai Christians and was able to share a message of Salvation and freedom we have in Christ with a group of about 50 male prisoners who were quite touched by what he said. A Christian prisoner from Laos was able to interpret.

The majority of our time is taken up with learning the Thai language. We are very blessed in having found a good Thai teacher. English language is rarely known well in this part of Thailand.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas. We thank you for all your prayers and support.   Please pray for us and our family over the Christmas season, it is a hard time to be away from family, especially as Christmas Day is just another working day here in Thailand. Please pray that we will learn the language quickly and easily so that we may communicate better with our churches and the local people. Also pray for our health, we seem to have caught coughs and colds here. Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne