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November 2014

Hi Everyone,

After visiting our family in Germany, we have finally arrived in Thailand. We spent two nights in Bangkok, two nights at Lomsak visiting with old friends and now we are excited to have arrived in Khon Kaen. This is where we will spend the next few months learning Thai, either at the Khon Kaen university or at a local college. Wolfgang has been learning Thai at home already for the last few years with a couple of local women who were born in Thailand and this is paying off as he can usually say what we need at the markets or on the buses!

We feel God’s leading on us as we go about the town. He has supplied accommodation in a reasonable motel, for a realistic price, for one month. This is a real answer to prayer – to find accommodation quickly. This will give us enough time to look for bigger, longer term accommodation.


The first night we went to the local market to buy provisions for breakfast plus a couple of plates, cups and spoons – we have nothing to start up a home with so we need to start at the basics. We intend to stay here while we learn Thai and form relationships with the local people and churches. There are a few local churches in Khon Kaen which we intend to visit to see where God leads us.

Last night we were fortunate to catch up with a lovely couple who have lived and worked in Thailand since the year 2000. They have returned to Australia in 2011 and now come to Thailand for a month or so every year. They have pastored churches here in Khon Kaen as well as managed bible colleges and lead study groups so we are blessed to learn from them. They are connected to a local church here and tomorrow we will go with them to meet the church. We had dinner at a local street stall and it will be so good when we can talk in Thai with the locals.

We thank you all so much for your prayers and support. We are very blessed that you take this journey with us.

Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne