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May 2014

Hello and thank-you to all our friends and supporters who join with us on this journey.

The last few weeks, Wolfgang and Dianne have been travelling to different churches to speak about our intended work as field workers in Thailand. We have spent time talking to Pastors, one on one, and at district meetings. We attended the ‘One World Forum’ held in Melbourne. We found this very beneficial as many new ideas and strategies were presented and discussed. It was good to network with other field workers and Pastors from many different churches from all over Australia. It was especially interesting to hear of the experiences of other workers who had been overseas for many years already – there is so much we need to learn about God’s grace and God’s enabling.


A few weeks back we received a very encouraging email from Thailand regarding a young Thai boy that Numurkah Christian Church and youth group had sponsored at Mercy International.  We  first met M in 2007 when we visited Thailand on a mission’s trip. He was one of the young men at Mercy  – Wolfgang and M  formed a good relationship over the years, culminating in Wolfgang bringing M out to Australia in 2010 for  3 months to live with us. The idea was that M would learn about some agricultural practices in Australia. Here are some excerpts from the letter

‘….he’s is doing very well. He looks good and has a mature confidence about him. He plans to get married soon. His girlfriend is from Khorat. She is also a Christian. He now has his own business fattening cattle for sale. He said he learned lots with Wolfgang and is very grateful. He goes to church every Sunday….his business is doing very well. His farm is on his fathers land .. he has 3 vehicles. He says that the buyers call him up because his cattle look so good. He says that he learned how to look after the cattle from Wolfgang and from working at Ban Meata’.

We give God all the glory for blessing M and for M making a difference in his village. We also thank God for the positive influence Mercy International has had in the lives of Thai children. God uses what ever is in our hands if we only let Him – our skills and talents are nothing compared to what God can do but if we offer what we have to Him, it can be powerfully used.

It gladdened our hearts immensely to hear of M progress.  After he returned to Thailand in 2010 we lost communication with him so we thought that M had returned to his village and was probably working as a farm hand. Surely God is good!

Our departure preparations are continuing – we have been busy speaking at different churches and events and have received more assurances of sponsorship. We keep believing that we will go to Thailand in late July but we need more financial support.   We need people who have said they will support us to lodge their paperwork into ACCI so we can get an idea of how much more sponsorship we need.  We cannot go to Thailand until we have raised the full amount of sponsorship – this is a requirement of ACCI.

On May 13, our son and daughter in law welcomed Laura Rebekah Jade Sue into our family. She is a beautiful little sister for William (3 years) and Joshua (19 months). We are so blessed by our family- leaving our family is going to be the hardest thing. Please pray for us as we prepare to go.

We need your prayer support in the following areas

  • As we prepare, deciding what we need to take to Thailand and what we need to discard
  • For language learning
  • Support for our family – our children and grandchildren but also for our extended family – parents, siblings and nieces and nephews as we leave. Also support for our close friends – that others will step in and be with them
  • More financial support will be raised before the end of June and our budgetary requirements will be met
  • God’s blessings on all our preparations

We want to thank God for His provision so far, for His many blessings and for His direction in our life. We want to thank God for Dianne’s employment at this late stage and for the support we have received so far.

We could not go if we did not have your support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your friendship, support and prayers.

Wolfgang and Dianne

‘Call to me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know’

(Jer. 33:3)