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March 2014

Hello to our supporters, friends and families,

Wolfgang and I have been preparing for our time in Thailand – time is passing all too quickly. We have about 15 weeks left before we intend to depart – in that time Aaron and Fiona will have another baby (due 8th May) and we need to get things on the farm and in general sorted so that we are ready to leave.  Naomi and Ben are also expecting another baby in September. Exciting times for our family.

Wolfgang has commenced studying at Harvest Bible College again, finishing off his Bachelors degree. Hopefully we are as equipped as we can be for what God has intended for us.  Dianne stopped working with the Department of Human Services (Child Protection) at the end of February in order to prepare for our time away.

We believe that we will leave for Thailand in July.  It is the date that we have planned for, for the last couple of years. The Pen Asia conference which is the main conference that all ACC missionaries attend, will be held in Phuket in August and we intend to be there with bells on this year but it depends on how our sponsorship raising is going. So far we have only a few sponsors though we have had quite a few people say they are going to sponsor us but have not submitted their paperwork. Please – we need every person who thinks they are going to support us to lodge their forms, even if you intend to start sponsoring once we leave for Thailand.  We cannot leave for Thailand until we have our sponsorship in place and we really believe this is the time that God has appointed!

On Thursday, a week ago, we attended our churches regional meeting where all the pastors and leaders  of the churches in the northern region meet and hear about what is happening in our region.  About 120 people gathered and we were introduced to the district and spoke for a few minutes about our work in Thailand as well as having a table with our  information  and Thai collectables at the door.  It was fun catching up with  everyone and we were blown away by my old bosses’ worship leading abilities – you never know what a person’s talents are until you see them in a different environment!!

Last Saturday, we left sunny Victoria (32 degrees and warm) to travel to Cooma’s Life Gate Christian  church where our daughter Rebekah used to attend when she lived in Cooma. We had a fantastic time – the people were so welcoming and warm. We stayed with Ps David and Tara Reading and their three beautiful daughters – we hadn’t met this family before but what a great family! We had a lot of fun being entertained by the girls and the girls’ bedroom was the best girls’ bedroom I have ever seen

We attended church on Sunday morning, presented a powerpoint and Wolfgang spoke about our journey so far.   Penny, Cathy and the mission’s team had made a ‘welcoming’ notice board for us that had a map of Thailand on it, Thai writing and details of our work.  It did our hearts good to see how interested all of the church is in missions work, especially in Thailand. It was so nice catching up with people we had met several times before when visiting Rebekah in Cooma. Ps Mike and Karen Reading head up the church in Cooma and are having a very positive impact in their community and thanks Cooma church for your generous support – we really appreciate it!

Thanks to those that sponsor us and pray for us  already – without you  we could not be the hands and feet on the ground  in Thailand, without your backing we could not go.


Dianne and Wolfgang.